• Drivers must be 18 years of age or older to legally sign to pull.   Those under 18 years of age are required to have parent/legal guardian present to sign all required documentation AND parent/legal guardian must be present at all times when same minor pulls.  If any rider on the tractor that is pulling is the age of ten (10) or under, the tractor must have fenders.

  • Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from pulling. No alcoholic beverages or fighting will be permitted during pull.

  • Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times.  Hands must be on the steering wheel, throttle or hand clutch.  No bouncing or riding on the back of seat.

  • Any tractor parts falling off (weights, covers, etc.) and touch ground while hooked to the sled will be disqualified. 

  • Any tractor that blows the horn past the halfway point will be disqualified and puller will receive 5 points.  If puller does not stop when horn blows past halfway point puller is denied hook points.

  • Tractor must stay in bounds at all times during pull.  Sled may go out of bounds.

  • Wheelie bars are required on all tractors.  Wheelie bars are to extend past radius of tire and to be structurally strong enough to support tractor’s weight by jacking up the tractor so it is completely off the ground.

  • Draw bars will have a maximum height of 20 inches and no less than 18 inches from center of axle to hook point. Draw bars must be stationary in all directions, and the hitch hole must allow hook point to float freely. No trailer balls allowed.

  • Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and not interfere with hook point. Weights cannot be more than 11 feet from center of axle to furthest point forward.

  • Radial and bias ply tires are allowed in all classes. 

  • No steel wheels or duals are allowed, and tractor must be two -wheel drive only.

  • Tractors must be naturally aspirated, (exception two stroke GM diesels)

  • Tractors must have Ag engines, heads, frames, transmissions, and rear ends, and must be of the same manufacturer as tractor. Tractor must have same number of cylinders that came out in the tractor from the factory.

  • Example:  Oliver can run 7 main bearing 310 or G320, MM can run 800 power unit motors, Farmall can run 450 & 501 power unit motors, JD can run Murphy’s blocks and heads

  • No automotive head alterations to fit block allowed.

  • Deck plates and girdles are allowed

  • Any Ag type carburetor are allowed

  • Homemade intake and exhaust manifold are allowed

  • All tractors must have working governors

  • All tractors must have a working safety kill switch

  • All tractors must pull side shields for RPM checks

  • Gas, diesel and LP fuels only

  • No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels may be used in any tractors

  • Any tractor that runs over 2300 RPM’s must use approved safety scatter blanket covering flywheel and clutch housing 360*

  • No tractor can run over 3000 RPMs at 30% over stock. (Example Ford 960, Farmall 660)

  • Fan guards are required on all tractors.  Side shields are required on all open gear tractors.

  • Tractor year models 1959 or older or production of series that started in 1959 are allowed to pull.

  • During each pull, drivers will be allowed two consecutive attempts to make a measurable pull of 50 feet. Tractors cannot exceed MPH past halfway mark, if so, tractor will be stopped and distance measured.

  • If the first puller in the class makes a full pull, the sled will be adjusted and the class will start over.  Puller has the option of pulling first or later in the class. First puller in each class has the option to pull over after initial pull or at the end of that class.

  • After pulls are completed, drivers are to drive tractor across scales to measure weight and hitch height, if driver fails to rescale and check weight and hitch height driver will not receive points for that pull.

  • It is the driver’s responsibility to get in line, stay I line and when sled passes be ready to back into the sled for hook up. Next puller shall be prepared to do likewise and so on. Driver will be disqualified if driver is not lined up and there is no technical or medical reason he/she is not in line.

  • Every person taking part in the pull must sign the insurance release form in addition to the entry form in order to be allowed to pull.  Legal guardian must sign for minors.

  • Members must pay dues by the first pull to be allowed to point standings. Membership fee is $25.00 each hook year.  Hook fees are $10.00 per hook for members and $15.00 per hook for non-members.  Each tractor is allowed four hooks per pull, not to exceed one pull per class.

  • Pull immediately before Walter State pull will be the last points pull.  Walter State pull will be a non-points pull.

  • If class has four (4) tractors or less, only $20.00 will be paid for 1st place only. If five (5) tractors or more are in class, $20.00 will be paid for 1st place, $10.00 will be paid for 2nd place and $5.00 will be paid for 3rd place in all classes.

  • Person must be a club member the previous year to vote on rules.  Member can only vote on rule changes in class (4MPH, 12MPH) he/she pulls in.

  • ETATA members will receive 5 points if disqualified for any reason. If pull is rained out and the pull is one-half complete, members who have signed up will receive 5 points for all classes that have not been pulled.


Members must pull in 50% of pulls to be eligible for Points Banquet.

Classes will pull as follows:


4000(4mph), 4000(8mph), 4000(12mph)

4250(4mph), 4250(8mph), 4250(12mph)

5000(4mph), 5000(8mph), 5000(12mph)

6000(4mph), 6000(8mph), 6000(12mph)



3500(4mph), 3500(8mph), 3500(12mph)

3750(4mph), 3750(8mph), 3750(12mph)

4500(4mph), 4500(8mph), 4500(12mph)

5500(4mph), 5500(8mph), 5500(12mph)

6500(4mph), 6500(8mph), 6500(12mph)



Alternating at the next pull as follows:


6500(12mph), 6500(8mph), 6500(4mph)

5500(12mph), 5500(8mph), 5500(4mph)

4500(12mph), 4500(8mph), 4500(4mph)

3500(12mph), 3500(8mph), 3500(4mph)



6000(12mph), 6000(8mph), 6000(4mph)

5000(12mph), 5000(8mph), 5000(4mph)

4000(12mph), 4000(8mph), 4000(4mph)



Any protest filed with flagman or club official (president/vice-president), will result in both tractors being checked, (protestor and driver being protested), of the rule in question.  The protestor must pull in the same class as driver being protested.  Protest must be made before the tractor leaves the end of the track.  All protestors must pay $50.00 protest fee.  Thereafter, all rules will be interpreted by President, Vice-President and decisions committee with their rules being finalize.  Protestor will get $50.00 protest fee back if puller in question is illegal. Protestor is to be checked first.

Each member will NOT be allowed to drop lowest point.

No four wheel drive trucks or V8 tractors are allowed to pull.


All rules for the year are set at the annual meeting.  No rules will be changed during the year unless it involves a safety issue.




         *Maximum tire size 18.4 X 38 top cut tires only

         *RPM’s 30% over stock rating.  Tractors subject to RPM check at any time.

         *Shifting of TA’s not allowed



         *Maximum tire size 18.4 X 38 top cut or full cut tires

         *RPM’s 30% over stock rating.  Tractors subject to RPM check at any time.

         *Shifting of TA’s allowed.

If equipment breaks and pull is not able to be completed members signed up get ten (10) points for that pull.

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